Whitecap provides U.S. Sailing certified, beginner-level instruction to a small group of students, numbering no more than five per session. Individual attention is assured.

Only $95 per person! SUCCEED IN ONE 5 to 6 HOUR LESSON! Whitecap uses U.S. Sailing's certified instruction program on specialized equipment such as a rotating land simulator, anchored ropes in the water, and specialized training boards and sails. Safety, equipment, rigging, and weather is covered. Students will leave the lesson knowing how to uphaul, sail, steer, turn, and navigate a sailboard – all in one day!

ANYONE with reasonable fitness can learn to windsurf! Revolutionary changes in instructional methods and teaching equipment have made the sport more accessible for all. Extreme athleticism is not required. It is not about upper body strength (by the way...women are the best students!). If you can ride a bike and throw a ball, you can do this!!! The only prerequisites are a positive, can-do attitude and decent swimming ability.

Lessons are offered on most warm-weather weekends from May to September. Requests for weekday lessons can usually be accommodated.

Lessons are most often offered at Whitecap's home lake, Clark Hill near Augusta, on most warm-weather weekends from May to September. Requests for weekday lessons can also be accommodated. If you have a group, under certain conditions, I can bring all my stuff to other areas lakes.

Make a reservation today!! You can reach me by email or give me a call at (706) 833-WIND. I will be more than glad to answer any questions that you may have.

This is how I organize my lessons : I only do the first-day lesson when I can get together 3 to 5 people for a weekend date. Beginning in May and on through September, I announce by email potential lesson dates 4 to 6 weeks ahead to the list of folks who have contacted me expressing interest in lessons. In the email, I ask everyone to reply with any potential dates that will work best. When I get affirmative replies from at least 3 people for a given date, that date is "on." I then re-email the list again to confirm the date and see who else might want in. I cut it off at 5 people maximum. (One exception -- If you already have 3 or more people in a group, we can simply discuss a date that works for our mutual calendars and whether or not it is OK with you to have other people join with your group up to a max of 5.)





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